The modern day men’s group

The Men’s Collective is a Melbourne-based men’s health, wealth and wellbeing group.

Co-founded by James Ferne and Luke Wallace, its purpose is to provide a space where all men can come together in a melting pot of diversity. Its a place for sharing with each other what is going on for you as an individual, and to learn collectively through others experiences & stories. Our aim is to provide a community which empowers, educates, supports and guides men to be the best version of themselves.


Simon:  “the mens collective helped me to feel normal in sharing what was going on for me”

Jack: “I’ve never felt so connected to a group of guys”


James is a tech whiz and sensory guru, he has been involved in coaching and facilitation for close to five years. He shaped his skills volunteering as a mentor and speaker in the area of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, working with people in the grips of addiction to connect back to themselves and their lives. Its was in doing this work that he discovered the true benefits of men working with men to help each other.



Luke is a brilliant facilitator and individual, he has been an Osteopath for 6 years and also studied Kinesiology & Sports Science. It was his work as a carer for individuals with terminal brain cancer, that most profoundly shaped his perspective on life and the desire to create a better understanding of how the mind and body co-relate.