Co-founded by James Ferne and Luke Wallace, its purpose is to provide a community where all men can come together in a melting pot of diversity. It’s a place for sharing with each other what is going on for you and to learn collectively through others experiences & stories. Our aim is to provide a collective which empowers, educates, supports and guides men to be the best version of themselves.

Our vision-  Inspiring every man to see the power in vulnerability.
Our mission – We provide a community, which empowers, educates, and supports men to thrive.



We run events, workshops, retreats and programs designed to uncover and explore what it means to be a man in today’s world. We work with individuals, groups, clubs and schools from all around Australia. To find out more on the one on one programs, school workshops, events and retreats we have coming up feel free to get in touch or visit our events page.


It’s for men (or those identifying as male) typically aged 20-40, who are open to having a conversation and are willing to grow as an individual. Whether you’re going through a change in your life, stepping into a new relationship, contemplating a career change, or just curious about better understanding yourself as a friend, father, son or partner, this is a place that supports individuals wanting something more out of life.


After working with men for a number of years each, we ever increasingly saw the need for a space where guys could connect in with each other on a similar life journey. As two younger individuals, we realised there was a great number of workshops and groups for older men, but younger men going through life changes were generally isolated in their experience. So we specifically created a space where men can converse without judgement and learn from each other.


As a younger functioning male, who do you talk to when you’ve got a question about life, relationships, work or your health? Not everyone has a mentor, role model, a progressive father or mates that are willing to talk honestly. A doctor or psyche is a good option, but if there is nothing ‘wrong with me’, then why would you do that?

Depression, anxiety and pain are all indicators that something might be wrong in your body and there is something in your life that isn’t sitting right with you. Hearing others speak about themselves, allows us to learn from each other and connect through common experiences as well as reflect on our own situation, providing perspective and/or affirmation that everything will be ok. This is not a space where men just pour out their emotions as a dumping ground for others, it’s a guided space, where we explore and understand what is important & happening for you at any one point. A place to be heard and not fixed, because you’re not broken.


We would also like to acknowledge our teachers, coaches and mentors for shaping the men we are today and this work. It’s only through your loving guidance that we get to share this work with others and pass on the gifts you gave us.

Conrad Tracey & Daryl Antony for supporting us with a location to work from & believing in the work we do!

David Ward and Janne Martenengo
Emili Paulo and Jodi Deutrom
Tom Harkin
The Group Work Institute


James is a tech whiz and sensory guru, he has been involved in coaching and facilitation for 6+ years. He shaped his skills volunteering as a mentor and speaker in the area of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, working with people in the grips of addiction to connect back to themselves and their lives. Its was in doing this work that he discovered the true benefits of men working with men to help each other.



Luke is a facilitator, coach, and practicing Osteopath and Kinesiologist. It was his work as a carer for individuals with terminal brain cancer, that most profoundly shaped his perspective on life and the desire to create a better understanding of how the mind and body co-relate. He predominantly works one on one with Men looking to reshape and improve their personal and professional lives.